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Join us at our new exhibit, which highlights Ukrainian-themed tattooing as a form of resilience during this time of war & displacement in Ukraine, demonstrating how individuals use ink to assert their Ukrainian identity and persevere through adversity.

Ink as Identity Exhibit Information

Discover the power of ink at the Ukrainian American Archives & Museum's newest exhibit, "Ink as Identity." Join us as we delve into the art of tattooing as a symbol of resilience and identity. From stories of survival on the battlefields to expressions of solidarity and cultural heritage, explore how individuals use ink to assert their Ukrainian identity, cultural pride, and perseverance. Opening July 12th with a reception at 6pm at our museum in Hamtramck. We hope you will join us - this exhibit will leave a lasting impression! 

“Ink as Identity” will open with a reception at the Ukrainian American Archives & Museum in Hamtramck on July 12, and the exhibit will run through September 1. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your art and contribute to a meaningful cultural dialogue. Let’s celebrate Ukrainian art and resilience together!

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